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34 of 61 National Parks since September 2017 - Many more to come in 2019!

View from Kayenta Trail, Zion National Park, Utah


When was the last time you visited one of our National Parks?

How many of our 61 National Parks and numerous Monuments have you and your family visited in your lifetime?

Are you struggling with how to engage and help protect these lands that are at risk of being stripped of their longstanding protections, potential development, habitat destruction, and drilling?


My name is Alyssa DeLabruere and I am an artist motivated by my heart, passionate and a little rebellious, and have a tendency to stir up a little dust when morally challenged.  I am hoping to encourage some adventurous souls to partner with me as I set out on great project of awareness. We all have different ways we can contribute and make a difference in this world. I happen to be blessed with artistic ability, courage, and willingness to throw myself right into the center of a cause. Of all the disturbing legislation this administration is attempting to pass in short-sighted greed, nothing has affected me more that the funding cuts to our National Parks and Monuments and assault on the protection of these natural gifts and the impact on our environment. 

The great news is I am ready and willing to log the miles, tell the story, get dirty, and stir interest as I visit and interpret iconic images from the National Parks in my own plein-air style and document the journey along the way. I can't do it alone, which is why I am reaching out to those of you with other gifts and resources to support my cause and follow along as worthy partners. It has been over 18 months since I hit the road for the first time in this journey and have now visited 33 National Parks and over 100 other National Monuments, Forest, Seashores, and Recreation Areas along the way. 2019 will bring a host of new locations to explore, chronicle, paint, and share with all of you.


You are invited to travel along on this journey with me via daily travel log, video commentary, up to the minute art gallery and social media feeds – experience the parks in a new and exciting way…through “an artist’s eyes”.

Delicate Arch - Arches National Park, Utah

This is a large-scale project that will bring these national treasures into unique focus. This artistic endeavor will raise awareness of the parks intrinsic importance, value and beauty, in hopes of creating a painted record along with calling the public to action to help protect these lands. As I paint my way across the country, (not once, but multiple times!) I will tell the story of these special places both with paint and words, eventually compiling the works and stories to tour the country and share about these places worthy of preserving and as a permanent record in book form.

I hope you will want to participate in my journey that could have historic significance, social impact, and bring critical awareness.



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