How can you be a part of Postcards from the Parks?

Postcards from the Parks is solely funded by my own resources and generous donations by concerned people like you! Become a PFP Patron Partner in my journey by contributing your resources to help bring this incredible project to fruition.  All Patron Partners will be acknowledge both on our website and with special thanks in our book and group talks.  There are many levels at which you can get involved along with items from me with my gratitude for taking part in this incredible project.

  • $25 - Receive a commemorative “Postcards from the Parks” sticker

  • $75 – Receive a commemorative “Postcards from the Parks” water bottle

  • $125 – Receive a limited edition screen print “Postcards from the Parks” t-shirt

  • $500 – Receive a limited edition set of “Postcards from the Parks” postcard size prints

  • $1000 – Receive a signed/numbered print from one of my plein-air painting from the parks

  • $2000 – Receive a signed and numbered limited edition print from one of the “Honor Ansel” series of plein-air mixed media paintings

  • $3000 – Receive an original plein-air painting from the parks

  • $5000 – Receive an original plein-air mixed media painting from the “Honor Ansel” series – A select group of mixed media paintings done from the same vantage point as some of Ansel Adams famous photographs!


Thank you to our first business sponsor: 

Les Tapies: Summer Art & Architecture Programs

Postcard from the Parks Patron Partners:  Thank you for your support!

Ava Danner and David smith

Ginanne Brownell Mitic

Julie and Corey Poulin

Perrin Tingley and John Smalley

Fernando Gonzalez

Nancy Goss

Chris and Brenda Goss

Lona and Peter Stuart

Kelly Wood and Mark Wills

JR Gibson

Cary Nyland Probst

Penny Thomas

Donna Driver

Jennifer Daneshgari

Lori Mulkin and Maclaren Flanders

Lisa Guillette

Jody Tweed

Sarah Baughman

Beverly and Ben Thurber

Tara Shellenbarger-Hannum

Carol Bateman Hannum

Mark Emmons

Monique and Art LaPlante

Emmi Chapdelaine

Darby Rioux

Joan Torrice

Pam Ladds

Allyson Howell

Val Adams

Jennifer Lescouezec

Kathleen and Richard Miller

Susan Coleman

Christina Cotnoir

Camila Aguais

Parrish Dobson

Julie and Derek Gustin

Jennifer West

Thomas and Claudia Gerdom

Jen Nelson

Chess Brownell

Matt Allen

Julie Ste Marie

Emilie Smith

Aimee Alexander

Bev Hall

Liz Woloschek 

Sue Brown

Cassy Moulton

Kimberly Perry

Ken Hannon

Ivy Goss

Jennifer Wieland

Neila and Emma Decelles

Elizabeth and Josh Rioux